Three Desert Animals You’ve Never Seen

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If you don't live in the Australian or Middle Eastern deserts, or spend time looking for ants in Arizona and New Mexico, chances are you haven't seen these three desert-dwelling animals, highlighted in a new slide show on

1. Australian Thorny Devil

Photo courtesy of chem7 on flickr.

It looks like a mean relative of the triceratops, but this little lizard only measures up to six inches long and  eats ants.

2. The Honeypot Ant (click for photo)

Found in Arizona and New Mexico, these ants feed on nectar then bring it back to the colony where they regurgitate it for their families. Certain honeypot ants called repletes serve as back-up fuel supplies, swelling so big with nectar that their bodies can't return to normal after they're drained. They typically die feeding the colony.

3. The Camel Spider (click for photo)

Venom-less and typically about six inches long, the camel spider is technically not a spider at all, but a soplugid. According to National Geographic, these Middle-Eastern menaces can run up to 10 miles per hour.

–Erin Beresini

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