The Top 10 Worst Crashes of All Time


In light of our November feature on fear (“FLAT” by Jennifer Kahn) about Scott Macartney's near-death crash during a ski race, it's time we take a look at some other heart-stopping “yard sales.” From snowboarding into boulders to an entire peloton running directly into over a bystander, these videos were selected based on pure reaction. If the crash/fall/splat/slip made me hold my breath (and my stomach), giggle a little (out of nervousness), and cover my eyes all at the same time, it made the list. Or, if the crash seemed like the stuff of legend (i.e. skateboarder Jake Brown's forty-foot fall), it was a no brainer. 

Now, for the top 10 worst crashes of all time (in no particular order). You might think twice about getting back on the horse after watching these. I'm just sayin'.

#10: Snowboarding: The sport's “hardest” crash. Maybe try snow next time?

#9: Mountain biking at its finest. That one hurt.

#8: Marathon running: I'd take a fall like that if I could have his marathon time.

#7: Rock climbing: Worth all the drama shots before the fall. Promise.

#6: Skateboarding: Award goes to Jake Brown. Duh.


#5 Slacklining. Thanks to Gibbon Slacklines for helping me uncover this nausea-inducing footage.

#4 Road Cycling: Do you feel worse for the cyclists or for the cop?

#3 Surfing: Dude. Brah. Gnar. And stuff. But, also winner of Surfer's 2009 Worst Wipeout of the Year Award.

#2 Kitesurfing. This category wins for most crash videos on YouTube.

#1 Ski Racing. Possibly one of the most disturbing crash videos ever. To read about the aftermath, check out the article “FLAT” from our November issue.

Do you agree with my picks above? If not, sound away below. Post links to your favorite crash videos.