Video: Jumping Off a Building in Salt Lake City


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Don't worry: they had parachutes. Last November, BASE jumpers Marshall Miller and Hartman Rector led police on a miniature manhunt after they sneaked their rigs into the 28-story LDS Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake and leapt from its observation deck.

Miller and Rector–the grandson of a Mormon church official–were later apprehended and fined $300 each after an acquaintance called in a tip on them. Now, Miller has posted the video online. In an interview with KUTV, he said he wanted “to clear the air…to show people that we didn't damage property.”

I can't argue with that. Besides the trespassing issue, it's hard to find fault with their jump. Everything seems to go cleanly, from the exit to the landing.

Big ups to The Goat for posting this video.

Adam Roy

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