Oregon's famed
Oregon's famed "Duckbill," a sandstone pillar carved by erosion on Cape Kiwanda. (Photo: THOMAS_SHAHAN)
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Video Shows Vandals Destroying ‘Iconic’ Oregon Rock Formation

Police searching for people who destroyed Cape Kiwanda’s famous Duckbill


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Oregon police are searching for the vandals who pushed over a sandstone hoodoo known as the Duckbill on Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, Oregon. The incident was filmed on Monday by a bystander. 

Located just off a popular beach, the Duckbill is described as an “iconic photo location” by Instagram users. There, many, many photos of it can be found under the #CapeKiwanda hashtag. It was a popular destination for engagements, selfie takers, and nature photographers. 

The incident was observed by David Kalas of Portland, who just happened to be flying a drone in the area at the time. As the vandals began trying to destroy the rock formation, he pointed its camera their way. “I didn’t think anything would happen,” he told the Associated Press. “It’s a big rock.”

Kalas goes on to say that, when he confronted the group, they described the rock as a “safety hazard,” claiming one of their friends had broken a leg on it somehow. “It’s like their weird revenge thing,” he says. 

Vandalism in the park carries a fine of $435 and additional criminal charges could be filed by the Oregon State Police, once those responsible are identified. 


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