Vincent Descols Tears Through the Alps in a Wingsuit


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There is a moment in this wingsuit video that makes it play different than the rest. In it, Vincent Descols jumps off a cliff and pilots his wingsuit through turns, into a canyon, around spires, down a trail, and then over some evergreens. It's the moment between the trail and the trees that grabs my attention: in an instant Descols seems to gain enough speed to rise up over the forest from the much lower trail.

After a second play of the video, I'm not sure that this is the case, that he's actually gaining altitude, but the view of his flight from his helmetcam is still impressive. The only text accompanying this video is a warning to others bent on attempting the same jump at Brevent, Chamonix.

“CAUTION BASE JUMPERS!!!! This is an expert wingsuit jump, with a very big ledge at 50m, very low departure, electric cable, tons of paragliders, restricted landing area…” he says. “PLEASE don't jump there if you're not an expert, do not overestimate yourself!!”

—Joe Spring