Exposure to Takeout Increases Obesity

Travel a different route home today


Takeout food is convenient and delicious—especially if your favorite taco truck parks outside your office. But a new paper published on Thursday recommends packing a healthier lunch. Researchers found that people exposed to takeaway food near their homes or offices are more likely to be obese.

Data from 10,452 participants in the UK found that the people who were exposed to 49 or more fast food outlets near their house, office, or on the way to either ate about 40 grams of extra fat per week and had a higher body mass index, the Telegraph reports.

Results also showed that as obesity rates rise, so does the number of takeout spots near businesses. People in the study were exposed to 48 percent more takeaway outlets at work than at home. The average exposure combining home and work neighborhoods and commuting routes was 32 outlets.

Last time we checked, there were a few signs of spring (sunlight peeking through clouds of wintry despair, flowers poking up from fresh dirt). If you’re looking to improve your figure before the tanks and tees come out, maybe skip the burger joint on the way home from work.