Failures Force Shell to Halt Arctic Drilling

Ends oil exploration for the year

Adam Roy

Shell has called off its attempts to drill for oil in the Arctic for the year following a series of technical mishaps that undermined operations in the area. Since work began a few weeks ago, the company has dealt with a damaged oil containment barge and spreading sea ice that forced them to pull up and move a drilling vessel. Environmentalists lauded the development, citing the lack of resources available to clean up a potential spill in the area. “We don’t have the equipment for cleaning up oil on the ice,” said Bellona Foundation founder Frederic Hauge. “The Deepwater Horizon cleanup had 45,000 workers and 4,500 ships working out of some of the biggest ports in the world. Where are the harbors for that? We don’t have that at all.” Instead of attempting to drill into oil deposits, the company will instead spend until October 31 drilling the beginnings of wells, known as top holes, for next year.

Via Los Angeles Times