Family Members Drown Trying to Save Dog

Large waves north of San Francisco

Ryan O'Hanlon

Three family members drowned in California on Saturday after attempting to retrieve their dog from the ocean. The family of four—Howard Kuljian, 50, Mary Scott, 54, Gregory Kuljian, 16, and Olivia Kuljian, 18—was walking along a beach at Big Lagoon, north of San Francisco, when their dog was pulled into the water by a large wave. Gregory Kuljian ran in to try to save the animal, but he was hit by a wave and pulled out to sea. The boy’s parents ran in after their son, but they, too, were dragged under. Their bodies eventually washed ashore, but neither were able to be revived. The son’s body is still missing, but officials have called off the search due to an “impossibility of survival.” Olivia Kuljian survived, as did the dog, which found its way back to shore, and is currently in the care of a neighbor.

Via Reuters