Fishing Preserve Chases Escaped Trout

Fish, valued at $400K, escaped in flood


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A Pennsylvania fish farm and preserve is scrambling to recapture thousands of rainbow trout that escaped into nearby rivers after flooding two weeks ago washed them from the preserve’s quarry. On Wednesday, workers from the Limestone Springs Preserve in Richland baited local streams and used nets to scoop up the trout. But employees are competing with sport fishermen, who have also come to the creeks to catch the fish, and have appealed to the state’s Fish and Boat Commission for a temporary no-fishing zone in the Richland area until they can round up the missing trout. Limestone Springs estimates that $400,000 worth of fish escaped in early September floods that caused millions of dollars in damage and forced more than 100,000 people to evacuate from areas around the Susquehanna River in eastern Pennsylvania.