Fitbit Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Buyers get rowdy about rashes


Today is the first day of spring. We’re emerging from our bear caves. We’re eating better. We’ve got our running sneaks on again. But that Fitbit Force we got for Christmas? We’re over it—the rash it caused and all.

It seems we’re not the only ones upset about the rash; 1.7 percent of Force wearers also complained about the device, which was designed to be worn around the clock. “It’s impossible to have one enrobing any of your limbs and escape without some kind of skin irritation, simply because skin isn’t designed to be encased by anything for any significant length of time,” reports’s Darrell Etherington.

On Monday, a suit was filed against the Force, which Fitbit voluntarily recalled last month, in the Superior Court of California in the County of San Diego, seeking class-action status. It alleges the company misled consumers in promoting and advertising the device.

“The suit calls for Fitbit to notify every person who has bought the Fitbit Force device in the state of California, and to arrange to refund the $130 cost of the device, plus tax and any shipping fees,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “It also calls for Fitbit to provide a full disclosure of the cause of the wrist irritations.”

While those of us with a rash wait for a refund, there’s always topical cream.