Florida Officials Chase Escaped Grizzly Cub

Bear is part of traveling show

Adam Roy

Florida residents already have to deal with their fair share of hazardous fauna, from alligators to invasive pythons. Now you can add another to that list: grizzly bears. State wildlife officials are searching for Booboo, an escaped cub, after it bolted from a private ranch near Naples on Tuesday. The 125-pound ursine is owned by animal trainer Dexter Osborn, who travels around the country with Booboo and two other bears putting on live shows and working on TV and film projects. Mitts Mravic, a supervisor of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, warned that the bear could travel south in search of food.

“Residents should remain calm, but pay attention to their surroundings,” said Mitts Mravic, one of the Fish and Wildlife officials leading the search. “If you see the bear, please do not approach it. Get indoors if you can, and call the Fish and Wildlife Commission or local law enforcement.”