OutsideOnline bear Seminole Country Florida woman attacked
One bear is just as scary as five. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Florida Woman Attacked by One Bear, Not Five

Seminole County loaded with bears

OutsideOnline bear Seminole Country Florida woman attacked

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A central Florida woman is recovering after being seriously injured in a bear attack Saturday night. Initial reports claimed that Terri Frana was attacked by five bears simultaneously, but the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has since confirmed that it was just one bear (probably with the power of five bears).

Frana reportedly left the garage door of her suburban Lake Mary home open. When she returned to take out the trash, she came upon a bear rooting through the refuse. The bear turned and attacked her, taking her head in its mouth and dragging her towards a wooded area outside the house. Frana was able to escape from the bear’s maw and make her way back inside the house. She is currently recovering after receiving 30 staples and ten stitches in her head. “It was short, it was quick, but it was a close call,” said Frana’s husband Frank.

Bear incidents have become a serious problem in Seminole County, with 44 nuisance reports filed in the past year. In response to the attack, the FWC has captured and put down four bears in the area. It is unclear whether the responsible bear was among the dead.

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