Fox-tainted Donkey Meat

Recalled from Wal-mart stores in China


Remember when horsemeat was found in IKEA’s meatballs last February? Or when a fatal fungus threatened to destroy bananas globally? Well, just two days into 2014, Wal-mart stores in China have recalled “Five Spice” donkey meat after tests revealed it contains fox DNA

This is disconcerting news because donkey meat (without fox meat in it) is actually popular in China, relatively speaking. In 2011, China slaughtered 2.4 million donkeys, according to country’s livestock industry yearbook. 

Wal-Mart, which operates more than 400 facilities in China, refunded those who may have purchased the tainted meat when the Shandong Food and Drug Administration earlier said the product contained the DNA of other animals. The company is now investigating the Chinese supplier and hopes to create more stringent food safety regulation overseas.

We wonder: What does the fox say about all this?