Frequently Asked Questions


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What’s the difference between the magazine and the Web site?
The Web site contains all of the magazine’s text and many of the photographs. We currently offer an archive of all issues back to February 1995 as well as the special issues, complete with a search feature. The site also has lots of content that’s not in the magazine, such as Gear Guy, Adventure Adviser, the Chris Carmichael Fitness Q&A, the Outside Gear Blog, news, travel, gear, and fitness information, and more. For more details, go to About Outside Online.


How do I get around Outside Online?
We’ve tried to make our site easy to navigate. All the information is divided into categories by subject matter, and each of these categories has different sections. Running across the top of every page, you’ll find a navigation bar that links you to the different main categories, and on the left is navigation that gets you around within the category. Below that are links to less subject-specific areas, and a search function. The links on the bottom of each page take you to a variety of service information. To get back to the home page from wherever you may have wandered, click on the Outside Online logo that appears in the top left corner of each page.


When is the Web site updated?
Outside Online is constantly adding new content to the site. The Gear Guy answers a new question each day, the Adventure Adviser and Chris Carmichael respond once a week, the news is updated everyday, and other areas change as events warrant. Each new issue of the magazine is posted on the first of the month, two weeks after the issue hits the newsstands.


How do I make Outside Online my start-up page?
When you open any Internet browser, it shows a predetermined web page that has been designated as the browser’s default start-up page. To choose Outside Online as that page, go to either preferences or options in your browser, and follow the instructions that lead you through a series of steps. We’d be more specific but it’s different for every browser.


How do I apply for a job at Outside Magazine?
Send a cover letter and resume to Outside, Human Resources Manager, 400 Market Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501, or to If you are sending e-mail, make sure the cover letter and resume are separate attachments and not within the e-mail. No phone calls, please!

Because we receive an abundance of resumes on a regular basis for the few openings we get, there is often tight competition. We’re grateful for the inquiries, but are not able to respond personally to everyone. If we have an opening we’d like to talk to you about, we’ll contact you immediately. Otherwise, we’ll keep your resume on file for a year. If you’re an aspiring writer or editor, we encourage you to apply for our internship program. Check out the “Internships” section of our Press Room on our web site. This is the best way to get your feet wet.


How do I contact Outside?
You can e-mail Outside Online. To reach a department or a staff member at Outside magazine, write to 400 Market Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501. For questions about your subscription, visit Subscription Services.

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