Garrett McNamara Surfs 100-Foot Wave

Could claim second world record


What is there left to do after you break a world record, except break it again? Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara, who in 2011 rode a 78-foot swell to claim the record for largest wave surfed, may have broken the record a second time. McNamara traveled to the coast near Nazare, Portugal, where he caught a wave reported to be around 100 feet.

The claim, however, has yet to be verified. Measuring a wave’s precise height is quite difficult and the only evidence is strictly visual. McNamara’s record-breaking 2011 wave, also in Nazare, became a source of controversy when it was originally estimated to be about 90 feet. It was brought down to 78 feet upon closer inspection, just one foot higher than that surfed by the previous record holder, Mike Parson.

Take a look at McNamara’s first record-breaking ride from 2011: