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Hopefully this set of glowing antlers would grab a driver's attention (Anne Ollila/BO)

Glowing Antlers for Arctic Reindeer

Reflective spray can prevent car wrecks

OutsideOnline The Race Report

The Reindeer Herders’ Association of Finland has begun spraying reindeer with a reflective coating to make them more visible to motorists during the Arctic winter.

Months without a sunrise and endless dark nights make reindeer hard to spot for car and snowmobile drivers in northern Lapland. The new project plans to make reindeer more visible by using a reflective coating on the animals’ antlers.

The Herders’ Association has experimented with spraying both the reindeer’s fur and antlers with the special coating. Whether it’s for the intimidation factor or scientific reasons, they’ve settled on spraying just the antlers, which are often visible in every direction.

The first large-scale spray is expected to take place during next fall’s reindeer roundup.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Anne Ollila/BO