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Google Glass Releases New Fitness Apps

Wearable tech lets you run next to yourself

Lauren Steele

Want a personal trainer for the day? Want to be chased by zombies to shake up your running routine? Need to know where to look in the night sky to see Orion on your next camping trip? Google Glass has an app for all of that.

In fact, Google Glass now has 12 new apps to cover your fitness, music, media, and travel needs, according to Gizmodo India.

GuidiGO, a personal tour guide app, allows users to choose from 27 global destinations and take more than 250 guided tours during their visits. Runtastic, the personal training app, lets wearers choose workouts that include any exercise they want, from mountain biking to pushups. LynxFit is a fitness company that uses Google Glass so you can race a hologram version of yourself and monitor your form during yoga sessions.

As  you work out, new app MusiXmatch will pick up on the music that’s playing around you and show you the lyrics in any language you desire. Sports-themed apps, such as 94Fifty Basketball and, help you perfect your jump shot and track every World Cup goal.

Glass also rolled out its new Livestream feature, which allows wearers to broadcast everything they see and hear live, a la GoPro. However, recording your every move is a little less acceptable in the real world than it is in the sports world. The $339-a-month Livestream app has faced backlash from public establishments such as bars, where customers are uncomfortable with the possibility of being filmed by strangers.

“Obviously, there are privacy concerns with Google Glass,” said Livestream chief executive Max Haot in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “But if you think of it more as a professional tool, we think it has a great future.”

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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