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Screenshot of Tour Builder Beta (Team Rubicon) (Courtesy of Google)

Google Launches Tour Builder

Detailed virtual narratives with Google Maps

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Google announced a new feature yesterday called Tour Builder, an integration of Google Earth, Maps, and images that anyone can use to tell adventure stories virtually.

The technology allows you navigate through Google Earth while following dropped pins or marked locations on the map. Each of the pins can include text, images, and video in addition to the option of entering Street View, which brings you into a 3-D world of the exact location. While Tour Builder is certainly in its beta stage, the program promises to have a wide application and could certainly be effective for sharing an outdoor journey. 

Tour Builder requires a Google Earth Plugin and a Google account to operate.

Video: A high school history teacher uses Tour Builder in the classroom.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Google