Catching some Z's
Catching some Z's (Getty Images)

Google Naps Finds Best Sleep Spots

The crowdsourcing project displays the sleepiest spots near you

Catching some Z's

Napping can be the heavenly break you need during a hectic workday—especially if your productivity for the remainder of it depends on some shut-eye. But what if you’ve hit the proverbial wall and you have nowhere to sneak a snooze?

Fear not, sleepy warrior. Google Naps, a parody of the popular Google Maps program, is a crowdsourcing project that shows you the best snoozing spots near you, the Atlantic Cities reports. Allow the app to find your location, and park benches and grassy knolls perfect for your napping pleasure appear on the map.

“We hope Google will join in and take this to the next level,” a representative from Kakhiel, Venour, and Biko, the Dutch creative agencies that made the parody, told Mashable. “We created demand, now let’s hope Google can help us supply.”

A word of advice: Most of the time, napping doesn’t provide the same brain and body restoration that a full night’s rest can—even if that park bench near the bakery is looking particularly comfy.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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