Got a little disposable income? Let our style maven help ou spend it.

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Women Outside, Fall 1998

Trust Vicky
Got a little disposable income? Let our style maven help ou spend it.
By Vicky McGarry



These shoes are so laid-back cool that you don’t even have to, like, work to tie the laces. The Rave by Fila ($55) and Airwalk’s Neo ($50), are hip, handsome, no-string, no-brainers — my idea of the perfect shoe and the perfect man.

I see a lot of — yawn — black, gray, and silver sunglasses, so I’m all over these funky frames in rowdy tones like red and lavender. All woman-specific designs: the Salsa and the Ginger
($70 each) from Smith; Eddie Bauer’s Laguna, by Signature Eyewear ($130); and Eye Makeup’s Fallen Angel, by Bausch & Lomb ($145).

Not even aficionados of the venerably street-clunky Fluevog will be able to discern that the Race Vog (right, $124) is really a clipless bike shoe. (Socializing in spandex shorts, however, is up to you.)

Ah, the irony. That techno-club staple, the Casio G-Shock, now runs on daylight! Shame that the wan set will miss out on this solar-powered version, the Raysman ($280).

For years I’ve envied men in their sneaky nylon shorts that also serve as insta swim trunks. Now, no more mandatory swimsuit-packing for sisters: Patagonia’s quick-dry base layers double as water wear. Women’s Shaka Bra ($32) and
Huecool Trunk ($21).

The only unsavory element that could possibly get into the Extended Stay Bag (right, $89) is your travel companion. Besides the great shape and chartreuse color, the industrial-strength Australian fabric — otherwise used to make horse blankets — is waterproof and won’t mildew. By Pay Attention.

I just love this company, Morehouse Farm. (If you wanted objectivity, why’d you turn to the page with my name on it?) Natural merino wool headbands cost $10 and are cozy and itch-free.

Where To Find It
Airwalk,; Bausch & Lomb, 800-578-8767; Casio, 800-962-2746; Eddie Bauer’s Laguna by Signature Eyewear, 888-237-6431; Fila, 800-776-3452; John Fluevog, 800-381-3338; Morehouse Farm, 914-758-6493; Patagonia, 800-638-6464; Pay Attention, 510-232-8676; Smith, 800-459-4903

Photographs by Clay Ellis

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