GPS Leads Driver 900 Miles in Wrong Direction

Destination was only 90 miles


Long have we been warned of the dangers of implicitly trusting technology. Classic films such as Terminator, War Games, and 2001: A Space Odyssey made the point as far back as the ’60s. But one 67-year-old Belgian woman chose to disregard these cautionary tales when she followed her GPS 900 miles past her destination, across Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, before finally realizing her mistake in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

Sabine Moreau originally intended to pick up a friend in the Belgian city of Brussels, a mere 90 miles from her home. The journey took two days, during which she repeatedly filled up her gas tank, and took long naps in her car. Moreau’s son reported her missing to local police, who were able to track her down by following her bank statements. “I was distracted, so I kept going,” Moreau told reporters.

Let this be a lesson to not allow technology to take us where we have no desire to go.