Great White Jumps Into Boat

Shark breaches, startles researchers


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A great white shark jumped out of the water and landed in a boat on Monday, damaging the vessel but leaving its crew of six shark researchers unharmed. Biologists aboard the Cheetah, an Oceans Research boat, were baiting sharks in Mossel Bay as part of a population study when a 1,000-pound, 12-foot shark breached and landed on deck, nearly crushing a researcher. The great white became stuck, forcing the crew to pump water through its gills and return to port, where they removed it with a crane. After an hour onboard, the animal was disoriented and needed to be towed back to sea. Great whites in Mossel Bay are famous for breaching as they hunt for seals, but it is highly unusual for one to land in a boat. The shark was likely spooked by another great white or confused by the boat’s shadow.

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