Greenpeace Head Arrested on Rig

Latest in protests over Arctic drilling


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Greenland police officers took custody of Kumi Naidoo, the Greenpeace executive director, after he and another activist boarded the Leiv Eiriksson, an oil rig owned by Scotland-based Cairn Energy. Naidoo evaded a Danish naval vessel, then climbed a nearly 100-foot ladder up the rig, which is stationed off the coast of Greenland. Earlier this week, the Danish government barred Greenpeace from harassing the drilling operation, and a violation of that injunction may cost Greenpeace 50,000 euros a day. The arrests follow a similar demonstration by Greenpeace on June 4 in which 18 activists were detained. Greenpeace is protesting Cairn’s refusal to publish its spill clean-up plan, which the organization says would be inadequate in the event of a blowout. Arctic melting has uncovered massive oil reserves off the coast of Greenland and may be a boon to the island’s economy. Cairn says it is following strict guidelines published by the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum. The company currently operates two wells in the region and may double that number by summer’s end.

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