Grizzly Bear Kills Hiker in Denali

Photographer was attempting a close-up

Ryan O'Hanlon

A San Diego photographer was killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska’s Denali National Park on Friday while taking pictures of the animal. The body of 49-year-old Richard White was found after hikers stumbled upon an abandoned backpack and found torn clothing and blood along the Toklat River. Park officials were able to recover White’s camera, which showed photos of the bear grazing and not acting aggressively. He photographed the bear for at least eight minutes before being attacked. Officials say that White, who was backpacking alone, came within 50 yards of the animal, which violates the quarter-mile separation required by park rules. The bear was shot and killed from a helicopter as it guarded the spot where White’s remains were found. This is the first fatal bear attack in the park’s history.

Via The Guardian