Guys: BPA May Make You Less Sexy

Water-bottle chemical could impede spatial ability


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BPA (bisphenol-A), a toxic compound used in plastic production, has been linked to breast cancer, early puberty, and infertility. Now, a study on deer mice released Monday by the University of Missouri found that BPA exposure makes male mice less attractive to female mice. Male deer mice exposed to BPA through their mother’s womb and tested in a maze showed a loss of spatial learning abilities—a male dominant trait—appearing less masculine and less attractive to females. BPA-exposed males were rejected two to one by both BPA-exposed and BPA-clean females. The catch: though humans and deer mice are biologically quite different, researchers said the study showed that “developmental exposure to BPA compromises cognitive abilities and behaviors essential for males to reproduce successfully,” possibly having implications for other species, including humans. So guys, if you’re having trouble in the dating game, it might be a good idea to check your water bottles and Tupperware to make sure they’re BPA free.

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