Hero Cat to Throw First Pitch at Baseball Game

Rescued owner's son from vicious dog attack


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Tara, the heroic tabby cat who captured America’s heart with a video of her saving a young boy from being mauled by the neighbor’s dog, will be honored by the Bakersfield Blaze, a minor league affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, at their May 20 game against Lancaster, where she will throw out the first pitch.

The now infamous footage, which you can watch below, shows young Jeremy Triantafilo taking his scooter for a ride around the family driveway in Bakersfield, California, when the neighbor’s dog emerges and begins to viciously maul his leg. Suddenly, from the right side of the screen, emerges Tara like a small furry missile. She throws herself into the attacker and chases him off, clearing the way for the boy’s rescue.

The neighbor’s dog continued to exhibit symptoms of extreme aggression when animal control arrived, and the decision was made to put the dog down. The Triantafilo family has said that there are no hard feelings between the human parties and that everyone is still friendly.

There is no word on how Tara, whom the family adopted five years ago after she followed them home, will throw out the first pitch, being a cat and all, but America thanks her nonetheless.

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