Hiker Stung By 300 Africanized Bees

Man airlifted to hospital


A hiker was hospitalized after being attacked and stung by 300 bees outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday. Albert Watson, 69, was hiking on Lone Mountain when a colony of bees swarmed without warning. Watson ran up the mountain, hoping that the wind might disperse them. Eventually the attack abated and Watson was able to locate other hikers, who called for help. A helicopter airlifted Watson to the nearest hospital. Experts say the bees in the Lone Mountain area are Africanized honey bees, also known as killer bees, and will give chase for up to half a mile when they detect CO2. “At that point they become extremely aggressive, it becomes their home and all the science fiction types of things you hear, most of them are pretty much true,” said entomologist Grady Jones.

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