Backcountry Sex Attracts Bears?

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Despite no evidence that human sexual activity attracts bears, concerns about the potential noises and odors involved attracting the animals remains a backcountry fear, according to myth originated in a scary true story: In 1980, two teenagers—onemale, one female—were killed and partially consumed in Glacier NationalPark while camping near an illegal dump. Noted bear behaviorist andbiologist Stephen Herrero helped investigate the deaths, and wrote,”The bear might have approached the teenagers because of the odors fromsexual intercourse, but whether this was the case and what happenednext are conjecture.” A few important details often left out: the pair were sleeping on top oftheir tent and there was a decomposing horse in the nearby dump, which most likely attracted the bear. So if you find garbage heaps a turn-on when camping, rethink your siting.

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–Stayton Bonner

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