hammocks rivers relaxing travel outside online
(Mark McInnis)

The Ultimate Hammock Lineup

Central Cascades, Washington

hammocks rivers relaxing travel outside online

I'd heard about this hike in the Central Cascades that was supposedly just a mile walk in. The destination? A nice campground with nearby falls. I rounded up some buddies and we packed in luxury items anticipating a short stroll ahead. But the one-mile hike quickly turned into three miles. With lighter packs the extra distance wouldn’t have been a problem, but we were in trouble.

After an arduous and much longer than expected haul, we found a great camping spot right near the water. It didn't take long for us to find the most dangerous spot to string our Kammocks as we began stretching them across the creek. Once we knew they would hold, I climbed up some down trees to get this perspective on my buddies enjoying the day. 

TOOLS: Sony A7, E 10-18mm lens, 13mm, .6 second, f/22, ISO 50

Lead Photo: Mark McInnis