Vargo BOT: The Titanium Waterbottle That Doubles as a Cookpot

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The biggest challenge for backpackers is fitting all the gear you need for a multi-day trip into your pack, and keeping the weight low enough that you enjoy your hike instead of being pulled down like a pack mule. Vargo offers a solution with its BOT, a combo titanium waterbottle and cookpot in one.

The one-liter container has a screw top lid with a heat resistant o-ring. Screw the top on, and you have a leak-proof waterbottle that slides into the side mesh pocket of your favorite pack and weighs in at one ounce lighter than your standard Nalgene. Unscrew and flip the lid, and your waterbottle turns into cookpot with a cover, perfect for boiling water or a single serving of mac and cheese—it's also easy to clean. Both pot and lid are compatible with standard pot grippers.

It'll be the most extravagant waterbottle you'll ever buy. But factor in what you would have spent on a pot and lid, and the cost/benefit analysis get more favorable. Ultimately, it's the cool factor, however, that makes it priceless. Available now, $100;

—Berne Broudy

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