Honeymoon Ends in Shark Attack

Victim killed surfing in the Indian Ocean


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A French citizen enjoying his honeymoon on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean was killed in a shark attack off the shore of Brisants de Saint-Gilles beach on Wednesday. The victim was surfing when a shark charged at him twice, biting him on the arm and thigh. A nearby swimmer spotted blood on the water and raised the alarm.

When rescuers reached the victim, he was already in cardiac and respiratory arrest. He was brought back to the beach, but lifeguards were unable to revive him. The victim’s wife was present on the beach when the attack occurred and is currently being treated for shock.

Three people have been killed by sharks on the French-controlled island in the past two years. Last summer, another surfer was attacked and lost an arm and a leg, though he survived.

In response to the increase in shark-related incidents, Reunion Island authorities have commissioned several studies on shark behavior and have deployed lookouts on land and in the water. 

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