huckberry outdoors outside magazine
Rugged, yet tailored, Huckberry raises the bar for outdoorsy aesthetes. (Huckberry/Facebook)

Huckberry Launches Camp Shop

High-quality gear for the savvy aesthete

huckberry outdoors outside magazine

Back in March, online retailer Huckberry, which offers trendy and coveted gear at a discount, began sponsoring adventures. Now the four-year-old company out of San Francisco is offering a new venture on its recently redesigned website: Camp Shop

Littered with award-winning tents, survival gear, cookware, hammocks, and even a hefty amount of skincare products, Huckberry’s Camp Shop has everything you need, as Jack Kerouac once said, to “keep rolling under the stars.” 

It can be difficult to trust retailers’ reviews of their own products, but Huckberry goes the extra mile to show that its employees know what they’re talking about. In the company’s Journal section, gear-perusers can read essays, long-form articles, and reviews covering everything from shelters, sports, author-inspired food, and even artAs SFGate wrote, “It’s like Hemingway rolled up his sleeves, got on Instagram, and set up an artisanal travel blog.”

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Huckberry/Facebook