beer fitness alcohol beer mile outside running
"Why pander around being the second best 800m runner in the world when you can be the number one beer miler?" (Hannah McCaughey)

Hundreds Compete in Beer Mile World Classic

Lewis Kent wins men’s race

beer fitness alcohol beer mile outside running
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On Saturday, about 300 people gathered at San Francisco's Treasure Island to take part in the inaugural Beer Mile World Classic, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Canadian Lewis Kent, who holds the world title in the event with a time of 4:55, took first place. He crossed the finish line in 5:09.

Participants must drink one 12-ounce beer before running each of the four laps around a 400-meter track.

“The event is about being ridiculous,” 26-year-old participant Seth Buchsbaum told the Chronicle. “I wanted to embrace the spirit of this.”

Competitors from the highest levels of international track and field have taken part in previous beer miles, including NCAA Division III 5,000-meter champion James Nielsen, who was the first to run a beer mile in under five minutes, and 800-meter world silver medalist Nick Symmonds.

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Lead Photo: Hannah McCaughey