Apple Inc.m Tim Cook Greenpeace solar farms North Carolina
Apple to Add Solar Farm (Frau Holle2011/flickr)

The iCloud Runs on Sunlight

Apple builds another solar farm to keep data centers green

Apple Inc.m Tim Cook Greenpeace solar farms North Carolina

On Monday, Apple Inc. reached an agreement with the city of Claremont, North Carolina, to annex 100 acres of land for the installation of solar panels.

Initial construction of the 17.5-megawatt solar farm will cost Apple $55 million, as the company takes further steps to make good on its promise to keep all of its data centers powered by 100 percent renewable energy. This will be Apple’s third solar farm in North Carolina; two previous installations are already fully operational in Catawba County.

This environmentally conscious approach has long been championed by CEO Tim Cook, whose “green” mentality has even managed to placate the perennial guardians of our planet at Greenpeace International.

As reported in the Hickory Record, the Cupertino-based tech giant will create roughly 75 temporary jobs for construction of its solar plant, which Apple has agreed to source locally, if possible.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Frau Holle2011/flickr