I’d like to know more about this 40-30-30 diet


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Dr. Phil Maffetone

February 15, 1996

I’m always hungry. How can I stop feeling hungry?
I’d like to know more about this 40-30-30 diet
How does the 40-30-30 diet affect one’s lipid profile?
Should food and fluid intake during competition be 40-30-30 as well?
How would a higher-fat diet affect my body’s response to exercise?
How come I never feel like I’m getting enough food?

I’d like to know more about this 40-30-30 diet
Question:Dr. Maffetone,

I am an athlete and I want to know more about this new diet.

Joel Glassman

Dr. Maffetone: Joel, there’s nothing new about eating more than small amounts of fat and protein, and moderating carbohydrates. I’ve been recommending this approach for 20 years. In 1958, Doubleday published Eat Fat and Grow Slim (a best-seller) which promoted basically the same ideas. In 1929, Burr and Burr discovered the
essentialness of fats, and through the years other scientists have been discovering the great benefits of unsaturated fats.

In addition, this approach is not a “diet,” which infers you follow a predetermined menu. Rather, you find your own way of eating. One that’s not based on a trend but on what your body’s specific needs are. And a way of eating that not only makes you more fit, but healthy too.

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