Isaac’s Rainfall Eclipses Katrina’s

Slow-moving hurricane floods Louisiana

Ryan O'Hanlon

Hurricane Isaac has made its way through Louisiana, and while it’s only a Category 1 storm, the slow-moving hurricane broke the state’s daily rainfall record, previously set in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. Most notably, the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans saw a record-breaking 7.86 inches of rain, 3.36 inches more than the previous record, also set during Katrina. About 47 percent of homes and businesses in the state have lost power at some point, with that number down to 39 percent as of last night. The levees and pumps in New Orleans, fortified after Katrina, all held up, but there was a levee-breach and more widespread flooding in areas outside of New Orleans. Officials continue to work on a rain-weakened damn in Eastern Mississippi that threatens to flood thousands of homes in southeastern Louisiana. The storm, now a tropical depression, has moved into Arkansas. 

Via The Atlantic Wire