Island To Be Powered By Sun, Coconut Oil

Territory will move off fossil fuel in 2012


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A small island off New Zealand is planning to install solar panels and coconut-oil-powered generators in an effort to become one of the world’s first territories to generate energy entirely from renewable resources. The 1,500 residentsof Tolekau, a territory administered by New Zealand, currently import close to 1,400 liters of fuel each week. But next year, according to island head Foua Toloa, each of Tokelua’s three atolls will be outfitted with 200-square-meter fields of solar panels that will provide more than 90 percent of the island’s energy. The balance will be made up by burning oil native coconut oil. With a maximum elevation of only five meters, the island is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by global warming. In 2007, The Danish island of Samsø became the world’s first island to move fully to renewable energy. It now exports its excess energy to mainland Denmark.

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