No man is an island—but a man can live on an island.
No man is an island—but a man can live on an island.

Italian Adventurer to Live on Iceberg

For a year, or until it melts

No man is an island—but a man can live on an island.
Lauren Steele

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Italian adventurer Alex Bellini has run across the United States, trekked the undergrounds of Paris, and earned the record for longest row across the Atlantic. Now he has his sights set on a new feat: to live on a drifting iceberg off the northwest coast of Greenland for a year—or until the iceberg melts.

Bellini plans to survive the trip, which he’s titled Adrift 2015, in a Kevlar-reinforced survival pod small enough to accommodate the shrinking landscape of the iceberg. The survival pod holds 661 pounds of dried food provisions and can float safely to shore if Bellini is forced to abandon the iceberg.

He hopes that Adrift 2015 will encourage discussion and awareness of climate change and the environment. “With my next adventure I don’t want to do anything but let people talk about climate and sustainability,” says the explorer on his Facebook page. “I have my own ideas you can have yours and the more I do research on this matter the less I see the whole thing clear. I’m not a scientist [but] just someone, as many others, who cares about the planet.”

Bellini begins life on the iceberg next spring.

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