Italy Plans Artificial Island

Would provide permanent housing for 3,000

Ryan O'Hanlon

What do you do when a town gets overrun by tourists? Build them an island. At least, that’s what’s being planned for off the coast of the Italian resort areas of Rimini and Riccione.

The island project, led by authorities in Riccione and a group of academics from the University of Ferrara, would house a residential population of about 3,000, a number that would rise to around 9,000 during tourist season. While the idea of an “artificial island” has drawn comparisons to Dubai, planners say it would be a reasonably-priced destination.

“It won’t be an oasis for VIPs,” said Riccione official Cristian Amatori. “The intention is to broaden the tourist experience for this area. The coast has reached saturation point.”

An environmental impact assessment will be conducted before more extensive plans are revealed in February 2013. According to officials, funding will be completely private.

Via The Telegraph