Japanese Activists Raise Flag on Disputed Island

Ownership of archipelago hotly contested

Adam Roy

Japanese activists sparked protests in China and Taiwan on Sunday when they raised their country’s flag on a disputed island in the East China Sea. The 10 protestors from the Hong Kong-based group Ganbare Nippon, five of whom are members of Tokyo’s metropolitan assembly, swam ashore on Uotsuri Island, an uninhabited island just over one and a half square miles in size. Chinese protestors responded to the news with rallies in the streets, in which Japanese-made cars, including police cars, were flipped and smashed. Uotsuri is the largest of the Senkaku Islands, which were formally annexed by Japan in 1895 and have been controlled by Japan since the end of post-World War II American administration in 1971. Both Taiwan and the People’s Repubic of China claim the Senkakus, which they refer to as the Diaoyu Islands.

Via Wall Street Journal