Japanese Dock Washes Ashore in Oregon

Latest tsunami detritus 70 feet long

Caty Enders

On Wednesday, a massive concrete dock unmoored during the 2011 Japanese tsunami washed ashore on a popular Oregon beach after having traveled over 5,000 miles. Measuring 66 feet long, 19 feet wide, and seven feet tall, the dock is proving a puzzle to remove, with authorities concerned about preventing species contamination. Tom Towslee, a spokesperson for Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, said the size and speed of the tsunami detritus “frightened” government officials. “I find it extremely odd that something this large could cross the ocean and not be spotted by anybody given the sophisticated equipment and all the attention that is supposed to be focused on this debris,” said Towslee. Japan has estimated that as much as 1.5 million tons of debris from the tsunami could still be afloat in the Pacific Ocean.

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