Jet Ski Rides Wave—And Crashes

Ski destroyed, pictures awesome


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A 20-foot wave folded over a jet ski pilot, destroying the ski and $15,000 in camera equipment but leaving onlookers with a series of spectacular pictures. Former world champion surfer Tom Carroll was towing surfer Ross Clarke-Jones into a 20-footer when he missed the wave’s exit channel and was forced to ride the wave. The pair were filming a sequence for the upcoming movie Storm Surfers 3D. Carroll, 49, escaped without serious injury. “The waves were so wild and unpredictable that it was hard to tell what was happening,” he told Perth Now, an Australian newspaper. Clarke-Jones saw nothing of the crash and rode the wave out unharmed, echoing a similar incident in which surfer Raimana van Bastolaer’swas almost hit by his tow ski. Carroll escaped with just a bruised shin, but the wave destroyed the ski and shattered a $15,000 carbon-fiber 3D camera rig. “I saw Ross down there and knew we were in serious trouble. I tried to manhandle the ski but the wave just took me where it wanted,” Carroll said. The wipeout was captured on the 3D cameras, and the footage will be used in the movie. 

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