Judge to Mavericks: Pay Up

Surf contest failed to honor settlement


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A California judge has ordered the former organizers of the Mavericks surf contest to pay damages to Jeff Clark, the event’s former director, after the organizers failed to honor a settlement struck with Clark last year. Clark, who ran the contest until he was fired in 2009, discovered the Mavericks break off of Half Moon Bay, California, when he was 17 and sued Mavericks Surf Ventures in 2010 for breach of contract. In a settlement that resolved the suit, Mavericks Surf Ventures agreed to pay Clark an undisclosed sum of money, then failed to make payments. Clark has not revealed why the parties split, but has said that he and his partners had “different visions and goals” for the contest. Clark says he sees the future of Mavericks as a photo and video contest in the style of the Billabong XXL awards. He is currently battling Mavericks’s new organizers, Mavericks Family LLC, for the permit to hold the competition.

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