Judge Throws Out Armstrong’s Suit

Faces three-day deadline to choose arbitration or sanctions


Lance Armstrong faces a three-day deadline to decide if he will fight doping charges through arbitration or accept sanctions after a federal judge threw out his suit against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Armstrong argued that USADA was unfairly targeting him, lacked the jurisdiction to sanction him, and did not meet due process standards. Judge Sparks ruled that Armstrong must exhaust “internal remedies, namely … procedures in the USADA protocol.” Despite the ruling, Sparks had harsh words for USADA, questioning its political motivation, desire for media attention, and “woefully inadequate” charging letter sent to Armstrong. Sparks warned that if USADA does not give Armstrong advance notice of the specific charges brought against him, “and it is brought to this Court’s attention in an appropriate manner, USADA is unlikely to appreciate the result.”

Via USA Today