Just Don’t Call Us Shredders

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Travel Guide, Winter 1995-1996

Just Don’t Call Us Shredders
By Eric Blehm

Snowboarders despise hearing people yell things from the lifts like “Dude, shred it up!” almost as much as they despise the snowless summer. Why? Because the terms are usually out of date. The word shredding, for example, was used by a very few people for a very few weeks in the mideighties–and then was never used again, except by people who don’t

If you want to learn snowboard language, use the Diane Fossey technique: Hang out with members of the species. Chances are they’ll be stoked (happy) that you’re curious. In time, you’ll figure out that “riding fakie” means riding backward and that a “sick” trick isn’t bad, it’s just really, really hard to do. If you can pull off a “sick” trick, you’re a “sick” rider, but don’t
call anyone that: By the time you read this, the term is sure to have already evolved or become extinct.

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