K2 Acquires Backcountry Access

Brand will continue R&D

Adam Roy

In an indication of the growing popularity of backcountry skiing, K2 sports announced Monday that it has acquired Boulder-based ski safety equipment manufacturer Backcountry Access, adding it to the company’s 15-strong portfolio of snow sports and other outdoor brands. Speaking to ESPN, Backcountry Access co-founder Bruce Edgerly said that the deal wouldn’t change BCA’s structure. “The BCA brand will continue to thrive, the management team will stay in place, and we’ll keep our HQ right here in Boulder,” Edgerly said. “Now that we’re no longer risking our homes to finance the company, you can expect a bold new set of product development and marketing initiatives.” While K2 will take over BCA’s accounting and finances, BCA, which produces avalanche-safety equipment such and probes and beacons, will continue to manage its own design and marketing.