Kiwi Runs Brothel to Fund Olympic Bid

Angers mom and Olympic Committee


A New Zealand taekwondo competitor turned to prostitution after racking up $120,000 in travel, equipment, and training costs to compete in the Beijing Olympics. “I came home after the Olympics, and I had no job and nothing to do,” Logan Campbell said. “I needed to make some money if I wanted to go to the next one in London, so bam!” Prostitution is legal in New Zealand, but both his mother and the New Zealand Olympic Committee took issue with his new source of income. While he was able to placate his mother by introducing her to several of his employees, the Olympic Committee threatened to sue unless he delinked his bid for Olympic glory from the brothel business. Campbell soon sold the 14-room establishment after a tremendous wave of funding poured into taekwondo. “As soon as I was in the media and stuff—we had never had funding, ever, EVER in the history of taekwondo, and all of a sudden it was, like, bam! There was this funding so it was sweet,” Campbell said.

Via Forbes