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Weather prevented the use of motorized vehicles, and all search efforts, until Sunday morning (thomasmales/Thinkstock)

L.A. Mt. Biker Death Prompts Questions

Weather hinders rescue efforts

News OutsideOnline MTB LA

On Saturday morning, Andres Marin set out for an 18-mile mountain bike ride near Los Angeles on his 34th birthday. He was found dead on Sunday morning, leaning against a hill and still sitting on his bike.

With the cause of death still unknown, Andres Marin’s wife, Christyna Arista, has expressed anger and disappointment that rescuers were deterred by poor weather and didn’t begin the rescue efforts until Sunday morning. Arista had received a call from Marin during his ride and explained, “His speech was low and slow,” admitting that he seemed “disoriented.” Arista also said that Marin told her he had fallen.

Arista and six other family members went looking for Marin very early Sunday morning, several hours before the search crews started. She later told the L.A. Times, “I took an inexperienced hiker up there and he made it. … They should have done more.” 

Authorities said that heavy rain, thunderstorms, and fog in the area made rescue efforts unsafe. The trail Marin set out to ride had some 4,000 feet in elevation gain. A local bike shop salesman told Press Enterprise that the trail would have been nearly unrideable after last Friday’s rains.

Andres Marin’s body was found near the North Main Divide Road in Cleveland National Park around 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. He was still sitting on his bike with his hands on the handlebars and his feet on the pedals.

Official autopsy results have not yet been released, but Arista thinks her husband froze to death. He was the father of four.

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