Landis Fined $21,000 for Defamation

Can't compare UCI presidents to Gaddafi

Adam Roy

A Swiss judge ordered former cyclist Floyd Landis to pay $10,666 each to two International Cycling Union presidents after Landis refused to defend himself in a defamation suit filed by the pair. Current president Pat McQuaid and former boss Hein Verbruggen sued Landis in April of 2011 in response to the ex-Postal Service rider’s claims that the UCI helped cover up doping by big-name cyclists. Besides fining him, the judgment of default issued by the Eastern Vaud District Court requires Landis to take out advertisements in major publications announcing the decision and to refrain from stating, among other things, that Verbruggen and McQuaid “are fools,” “are full of shit,” “are clowns,” or “are no different than Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.” The UCI is currently pursuing a similar case against cycling journalist Paul Kimmage, who is scheduled to appear in court this December.

Via Velonation