Little Baby Everest?

Nature names for tykes on the rise


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Your kids’ kids are gonna have some earthy names, say the baby-naming experts at We’re talking names like Everest, Nile, and Beach.

Though vintage-style monikers are currently popular—Beatrice and Clementine, for example—place names and ethnic-sounding names will be on the rise in the near future, Pam Satran, author of several baby-naming books and the woman behind Nameberry, told ABC News.

“Just like fashion forecasters are looking at what’s in style now and predict what will be coming up in 10 or 20 years, we do the same,” Satran said. “We look at origins of names, the sounds that are attracting people, and pop culture influences.”

Who knows? Maybe it’ll be the norm to name the kids after mountains in the future. Although Everest is not popular now, Newberry says it’s part of a new style wave that “parents in search of more avant-garde names will want to have their eyes on.” After all, “the snow-capped Everest would surely stand out in a classroom yet has an acceptable name-like feel.”

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